Data Center Electrician Denver

Lakewood Electric can provide a variety of data center related services to our customers including:

•Design Build Services   •General Power and Lighting   •Grounding   •Generators   • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)   • Power Distribution Units (PDU)   •Bussway Distribution Systems   •Critical Facility Monitoring   •FA / Pre-action Systems   •Loadbank Testing    •Breaker Testing   •Ground Fault Testing   •IR Scanning   •FTP (functional performance testing)   • Integrated Systems Testing (IST)   • Method of Procedure (MOP) Planning   • Preventative Maintenance (PM) Service Agreements

Providing Solutions

If a customer needs equipment for a new or existing facility Lakewood Electric can both supply the necessary components and install them. While some contractors focus on just one aspect of a data center, we design, install, and service a complete system.

Think of Equipment Maintenance Requirements

As with any mechanical equipment, the key to maximum efficiency is proper maintenance. In the field of data center design and maintenance, this should be a consideration from the start. We offer our clients design input with maintenance in mind and offer preventative maintenance packages customized to fit their needs.

Ask About the Company's Core Competencies

Many providers offer a variety of solutions, but most have more experience with certain services than others. For instance, it's quite common to find a company that focuses on Electrical Data Center Design Denver. As far as expertise and experience are concerned, customers should look for a provider who works with others in the same field.

Get Recent References

Evaluating a provider's service level involves talking to previous customers. However, to get an accurate idea of what to expect, a potential client may have to dig deeper. By speaking to references outside those provided by the company and by reading online reviews, a new customer can get a grasp of how customers feel about a provider. References and reviews should be recent, as growth and management changes can affect the services customers receive.

There are many things to consider when hiring an electrical contractor for data center design, but one of the most important factors is the company's history of customer complaints. A company that cares about its image and customers will work with clients to resolve complaints and retain their business.