Electrical Maintenance Denver

There's an old saying that nothing lasts forever. If you don't maintain your car, some night you'll be stranded on the highway. If you don't perform regular preventive maintenance on your electrical system, sooner or later something will fail.

Electrical Preventive Maintenance in Denver is Cost-Effective

Running a business is challenging, and that's never been truer than today. There are always more demands on your budget than you'd like. It's not easy to establish and maintain a reasonable maintenance budget. However, doing so is always the least expensive option.

Preventative Maintenance Denver is always going to cost less than waiting until there's an electrical failure. It's entirely normal and inevitable for electrical equipment and systems to deteriorate over time. Overloaded systems, severe conditions in the workplace, and excessive duty cycling can all accelerate failure.

The goal of Denver Preventative Maintenance is to anticipate and prevent electrical failures. Be proactive by having equipment serviced regularly, parts and equipment replaced at specified intervals, and outages scheduled for necessary work.

The Benefits of Implementing an Effective Preventive Maintenance Program

Chapter 2 of NFPA 70E, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace details critical safety-related requirements for maintenance. An effective preventive maintenance program offers these major benefits.

How much does downtime cost your business? Preventive maintenance will save money by:

  • Reducing the cost of repairs. It's always cheaper to find and fix small problems
  • Reducing or eliminating downtime costs. Murphy's Law is always at work mandating that something breaks when it's needed the most
  • An electrical fire could have catastrophic consequences both financially and legally. Preventive maintenance provides:
  • Increased safety for employees and others
  • Reduced risks of fire damage to property

What Should be Included in a Preventive Maintenance Program?

It's crucial to have qualified and responsible people designated to implement a preventive maintenance program.

This program should include:

  • A complete survey and analysis of essential equipment and systems
  • A priority established based upon operational importance
  • Regular inspections for signs of fatigue or failure, testing, and servicing equipment at designated intervals based on duty cycles and length of use
  • Thorough and complete record-keeping

Implementing Preventative Maintenance Denver will benefit your business. Putting off inspections and repairs is guaranteed to cost more in the end. Setting up a preventive maintenance program with the experienced electricians at Sturgeon Electric will bring you peace of mind while you're saving money.